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Lovefoxxx in Oyster Magazine

bah. its our loverlyfoxxx in  Oyster Magazine. she looks beautiful as usual.

large pics so theyre behind the cut.

sorry about the glare. my scanner is broken so i had to use my camera.

so the parts where its glared i took the time to type it,

"We downloaded the lyrics to Madonna's 'Hollywood' on the internet and i started to "sing". It was horrible. I Arrived back hom thinking, "What the hell am I doing? Why do I put myself in these awkward situations?" By the third rehearsal everything made sense, we were happy, we had five, songs including the 'Hollywood" cover, I was screaming so loud! A few days later out first gig was booked. I remember I couldn't sleep that night. We needed a name. I was on email one day and saw a head line saying "Beyonce is tired of being sexy." I thought that was so stupid...So I logged onto my email saying "Jesus Christ, I can't believe the world. Look what Beyonce has said - what if we use this as our name?" Suddenly that was our stupid name. This is the biggest proof we didn't expect anything from this band. A year later we played at the biggest music festival in Brazil, it was horrible, but toughnened 
our bones to make us stronger. Later we got signed to SUB POP and it blew our minds."

then it says

"How differently are you received in Brasil than the rest of the world? I read something funny Luiza said about kids in Brasil asking of CSS, "Why are you tired of being sexy, when youre so ugly?"

sorry that these are so shitty. haha. if anyone needs better copies or needs help with reading the text just let me know!

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